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            The P.A.S.S. Process
 passionately achieving success strategies with The Passion Test
           4 Kids & Teens
One of the most important tests you'll ever take in your life
There are no grades here, no studying, and this is a test you can NEVER FAIL!
Here's what you can expect from this workshop:
  • Become really clear what is important to you
    and what you want in your life
  • Create a plan to start living the life of your dreams
    right away
  • Discover your unique Gifts and Talents
  • Learn how to overcome negative thoughts that
    may be holding you back
  • Increase self esteem, automatically!
  • Create friendships with amazing kids and teens
  • Learn how to communicate skillfully
  • Above all have FUN!
Parents love the Passion Test Workshop:
When students are passionate about what they're doing, they improve their lives, become centered, their academic
achievement soars to new levels and the 'fire within' begins
to burn. Students determine how to make life exciting and  purposeful. They begin to truly appreciate who they already are, and start to envision themselves creating their own best life.
Why is helping students identify their
passions important?
Most people never take the time to figure out what it is they
enjoy and the skills at which they excel. Young people in
particular often worry about being accepted for who they are.
A recent study has found that 79% of today's youth are concerned about the future. These concerns are not addressed through
school curriculum, and that's exactly why we developed The Passion Test 4 Kids and Teens!
The P.A.S.S. Process - Passionately Achieving Success Strategies with Passion Test 4 Kids & Teens Workshop in action!
Through active participation, each kid/teen will identify their
top five passions, and creating markers to determine whether
they are actually living those passions. Once Passions are identified, we go into inspired ACTION! Through art, music and some fun creative writing exercises (Of course we don't give grades!), each  participant will come away knowing exactly what sets then on fire, how it looks in their life, and how to move forward living a life according to what matters most to them.
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